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Step 5: Preview your letters
Step 5: Preview your letters
In Step 5, shown in Figure 10.38, use the controls shown to move from record to record in
your database. Note that the << and >> tools correspond to the Previous and Next button in
the Preview Results group of the Mailings tab. When you fi nish previewing the merge, click
Next: Complete the merge.
FIGURE 10.38
Use the fi nail wizard steps to preview the data document and complete the merge.
Step 6: Complete the merge
The contents of the fi nail Mail Merge pane vary depending on the document type. When the
document type is a letter, the options are to send the merged results to the printer or to
send them to “individual letters.” Actually, that’s not at all what the option does. Instead,
it sends all of the merged letter results to a single new document, in which the individual
letters are separated by section breaks.
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