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Chapter 11: Managing Document Security, Comments, and Tracked Changes
Managing Document Security,
Comments, and Tracked
Understanding document protection
Using digital signatures and signature lines
Protecting a document with a password
Inserting comments
Tracking changes
Reviewing comments and changes
Comparing two documents using “legal blackline”
Combining documents that contain tracked changes
Word offers a variety of kinds of protection (although nothing is 100 percent secure). Some of the
protection tools work hand in hand with other tools that facilitate collaboration and reviewing. For
example, you can limit formatting or allow users only to enter tracked changes or comments.
This chapter looks at the types of document protection and review tools available to Word users and
describes how to use them.
Protection Types
Word 2013’s privacy settings aren’t centrally located. To save you the trouble of searching to fi nd
what you can control, here’s the defi nitive list of the different types of protection (and
pseudoprotection) Word 2013 offers and where to fi nd them:
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