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Using digital signatures
Some of these controls are also available using the Protect group on the Developer tab, which you can display via the
Main Tabs list after clicking Customize Ribbon in the Word Options dialog box.
The rest of this section looks at these settings, showing how you enable protection and
assessing the degree of protection provided.
Information Rights Management
A relatively strong way to protect your documents uses an Information Rights Management server to
authenticate users who create or receive documents or e-mail that have restric ted permissions. If your
organization uses a Rights Management Services (RMS) server, your system administrator must enable
Windows and Offi ce 2013 to work with RMS. You then choose File
Access, and click Connect to Digital Rights Management Services and get templates to get started.
From there you can use the File
Protect Document
Restrict Access commands to restrict
access to the document to specifi ed user accounts, or remove previously applied restrictions.
Protect Document
Using digital signatures
A digital signature is an electronic certifi cate that provides a way for recipients to verify
that a document or e-mail actually came from the sender. Digital signatures do not provide
100 percent guaranteed authentication that a document is from a non-malicious sender, but
generally speaking, a document signed by someone you know and trust is likely to be more
trustworthy than an unsigned document from an unknown or suspicious source.
Carefully check any document with a digital signature. If you receive something important and the validity of the
signature is an issue, pick up the telephone and call the sender to verify the document’s contents. Never share private
information such as account numbers or passwords on the basis of a digital signature alone.
Before you can digitally sign a document, you must have a digital signature installed on
your system. To get a signature, choose File
Add a Digital
Signature. If this is the fi rst time you’ve used this feature, Word displays the dialog box
shown in Figure 11.1. Click Yes to obtain a certifi cate. Your system’s web browser launches
and displays Microsoft’s Available Digital IDs page, listing partner organizations through
which you can obtain a digital ID and download and install a certifi cate on your
Protect Document
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