Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Later in the book, you will learn how to create the basic presentation structure and
add information as well as use the following PowerPoint features to help reinforce your
Layouts, Themes, and Masters: These PowerPoint features control the content that
appears on a slide and how the content is arranged, as well as the appearance of all
of the slides. You can quickly redesign a single slide or the entire presentation.
Tables and Charts: Similar to Word and Excel, PowerPoint enables you to arrange
information in an attractively formatted grid of rows and columns. PowerPoint
works with Excel to deliver charted data, so the Excel charting skills you build
make developing charts in PowerPoint even easier.
Animations and Transitions: You can set up the text and other items on slides to
make a special entrance, such as appearing to fl y onto the screen, when you play
them in a slide show. In addition to applying animations on objects, you can apply
a transition that animates how the overall slide appears and disappears from the
screen, such as dissolving or wiping in and away.
Live Presentations: PowerPoint offers several different ways in which you can
customize and control how the presentation looks when played as an on-screen
slide show. In this topic, you will learn tricks such as hiding slides or jumping
between slides on-screen.
As technology improves, businesses naturally begin to move at a faster and faster pace. The
days of face-to-face conversations for each meeting are a thing of the past, and everyone
faces the challenge of tracking more and more virtual meetings, contacts, and to-dos. The
Microsoft Outlook 2013 program in the Microsoft Offi ce suite can handle your e-mail
messages (Figure 1.6), appointment scheduling, contact information, and your to-do list, as
well as other various communication tasks. This program helps you stay in the loop, keeps
you organized, and also keeps you up-to-date with all the action in your work life,
including connecting you with social and business networks via the People app in Windows 8.
In addition to learning Outlook e-mail, scheduling, contact management, and to-do list
basics later in the book, you will learn which Outlook settings and tools help prevent
messages with viruses from infecting your computer. Also, you’fill learn how Outlook can
automatically manage annoying yet pervasive junk mail messages.
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