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Using digital signatures
If you don’t already have a digital signing certifi cate, click Yes to learn about for-fee and
forfree services.
You also can use the office SelfCert utility to create your own digital certii cate. SelfCert certii cates are for personal
use only on the computer on which they were created. To learn more about working with digital certii cates on
your system, see the TechNet topic “Manage Certii cates” a t
library/cc771377.aspx . You can create a SelfCert signature. In Windows 8, open a File Explorer window,
and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Office\Office15 (for 32-bit versions of office), or C:\
Program Files\Office\Office15 (for 64-bit versions of office). Locate the SELFCERT.EXE command in
the folder and double-click it to start the process.
How to digitally sign a Word document
After you’ve obtained a digital signature, follow these steps to digitally sign a Word
1. Choose File
Add a Digital Signature. If the
document has not been saved, you are prompted to save the fi le as a Word document.
Click Yes, enter a File name, and click Save. Word then displays the Sign dialog box,
shown in Figure 11.2.
Protect Document
Specify signature details here.
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