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Using digital signatures
2. Open the Commitment Type drop-down list and click the desired commitment
3. Type a Purpose for signing this document entry if desired.
4. To enter more information about yourself as the signer, click Details, add
entries in the text boxes in the Additional Signing Information dialog box as
desired, and then click OK.
5. If the Signing As identity/certifi cate isn’t the one you want to use, click
Change, click an alternate certifi cate in the Windows Security dialog box, and
click OK.
6. Click Sign. The Signature Confi rmation message appears, as shown in Figure 11.3.
7. Click OK to fi nish applying the signature. This also marks the document as fi nail,
a feature you’fill read about soon. As shown in Figure 11.4, the Backstage view
indicates that the document has been signed and marked as fi nail.
Don’t sign a document until you’re fi nished making changes to it.
The Backstage view now identifi es the fi le as a signed document.
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