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Document Inspector (removing private/personal information)
your actual signature and saved it as a graphic fi le, you can click Select Image and use the
Browse choice in the Insert Picture window that appears to select and insert the signature
fi le. Otherwise, just click in the text box, type your signature, and click Sign.
To change the information included with a signature, right-click it and then click Signature Setup to reopen the
Signature Setup dialog box.
Document Inspector (removing private/personal information)
You can use the Document Inspector to see what private or personal information resides in
a fi le and remove it. The Document Inspector checks for the kinds of information and
content shown in Figure 11.9. To display the Document Inspector, choose File Info Check
for Issues
Inspect Document. By default, all eight areas are checked.
Remove checks if you don’t want those kinds of information removed. For example, if the
purpose for sending a document to someone is to convey the XML data it contains, then
remove the check next to Custom XML Data. On the other hand, if the document might
contain “colorful” comments about someone’s draft, you probably do want to inspect it for those.
When the right checks are checked and the wrong checks are unchecked, click Inspect.
Inspect Document
Use the Document Inspector to remove private/proprietary information before passing a
document along to someone else.
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