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Document Inspector (removing private/personal information)
The Document Inspector inspects the current document for each of the types of material
or data indicated. If it fi nds any, the Document Inspector dialog box is redisplayed, with
Remove All buttons next to each type of content that was found, as shown in Figure 11.10.
FIGURE 11.10
A red exclamation mark means that the Document Inspector found potentially sensitive
content, and the check mark indicates that the specifi ed type of content was not found.
Make a backup copy of the document before using Remove All. Once you remove the content using the Document
Inspector, you can’t get it back using Undo. Particularly for comments and data, if they are content you need to
preserve, make a backup copy of the document.
The Document Inspector does not provide further details about exactly what it found. You
have two options: Click Remove All to remove the found items, or click Close and review the
types of items found by Document Inspector. You can remove the content yourself manually
or you can return to the Document Inspector and use Remove All once you’re satisfi ed that
you want something removed.
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