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Formatting and editing restrictions
Unlike the Selection pane, which you can use to make objects visible or hidden in a document as described in
Chapter 9, “Adding Tables and Graphics to a Document,” when you click Remove All in the Document Inspector, it
actually does remove the hidden objects from the document — it doesn’t just make toggle their visibility. So, exercise
caution if you really do need those objects; it’s a good idea to create a for-distribution copy of the document.
Formatting and editing restrictions
The Restrict Formatting and Editing settings can provide a measure of protection for your
document. You can limit the type of formatting that users can apply, limit the types of
changes most users can make, and apply exceptions for trusted users. Specify these
settings in the Restrict Editing pane, which you can display in one of two ways:
Choose File Info Protect Document Restrict Editing.
Click the Review tab, and click Restrict Editing in the Protect group.
Limit formatting to a selection of styles
To limit formatting to certain styles, in the Restrict Editing pane shown in Figure 11.11, click
to place a check next to Limit formatting to a selection of styles. To choose which styles,
click Settings. The Formatting Restrictions dialog box now appears, also shown in Figure 11.11.
FIGURE 11.11
With Limit formatting to a selection of styles checked, click Settings to choose those limits.
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