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Applying a password to open/modify a Word document
FIGURE 11.14
Applying Open and Modify passwords to a Word document
The Read-only recommended option applies only if there is no password for modifying the
document. If this option is enabled, the user is provided with a read-only recommendation
when the fi le is opened and an easy way to select read-only.
When you click OK, you are prompted to confi rm any passwords and are returned to the
Save As dialog box. Click Save to save the document with the password settings.
The Protect Document button is irrelevant to this dialog box and serves mostly to let the user know that there are
other and better protection options. If you click this button and the Restrict Editing pane is not already showing, it is
displayed behind the Save As dialog box, and the General Options dialog box goes away. If the Restrict Editing pane
is not already showing, clicking the Protect Document button simply causes the General Options dialog box to close.
When you try to open a password-protected fi le, Word prompts you to enter the relevant
passwords. If you know the password to open but not the password to modify, you can click
Read Only to open the document in “read only” mode. Why the quotes? Because it’s only the
fi le itself that is read only. The document window can be edited willy-nilly, unlike when
using other kinds of protection discussed earlier. If you save the fi le under a new name,
the new fi le will inherit the password settings, but if you copy the fi le to the Clipboard and
save under a new name, the protection is history.
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