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Comments and Tracked Changes
If you also want tracked changes to display as balloons in the right margin, in the Review
tab’s Tracking group, choose Show Markup Balloons Show Revisions in Balloons. To set
comments to display inline (which isn’t really correct, because comments themselves do not
display inline), choose Show Markup Balloons Show All Revisions Inline. When you make
this choice, no comment balloon of any type appears. Instead, the commented text is
highlighted and the reviewer’s initials appear in brackets beside the comment. You can
rightclick the initials and click Edit Comment to see the comment in the Revisions pane at left.
For the sake of consistency, this chapter assumes you are not working in the Revisions pane.
You also can use the Reviewing Pane choice in the Tracking Group of the Review tab to display comments in the
Revisions pane. I prefer not to use this feature, as it’s a little harder to navigate when a document has been heavily
edited and commented.
Inserting, editing, replying to, and deleting comments
To insert a new comment, fi rst select the text that you want to comment about. In some
cases, you can even click on a graphic object and insert a comment about it, but that
doesn’t work in all instances. Click the Review tab, and then click New Comment in the
Comments group. (You also can insert a comment with Insert Comments Comment, but
this method displays the Revisions pane, which as noted above is more cumbersome to work
with than comment balloons.) In Simple Markup view, type your comment inside the yellow
Comments box that opens, and then click the Close (X) button on the box. In All Markup
view, a balloon appears in the right comment area. Type the comment, and then click in the
text to return to normal editing.
To edit a comment, click its balloon in either Simple Markup or All Markup, and make changes
in the comment box, and then click the Close (X) button or click in the text to fi nish.
Word 2013 includes the new ability to reply to a comment. Click the comment, and then
click the Reply button (page with an arrow) at the right side of the box (see Figure 11.17).
Type the comment text in the reply comment that appears, as shown in Figure 11.17, and
then click Close (X) or click in the text to continue.
FIGURE 11.17
Click the page with the arrow in the Comments box to reply to a comment.
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