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Tracking changes by various editors
If you’ve taken the action recommended in a comment by another reviewer and want to leave
it it place but indicate that it is no longer active, you can right-click the comment in the
comment balloon or box, and click Mark Comment Done. This grays out the comment text.
To delete a comment, click the comment in either view, and then in the Comments group of
the Review tab, click Delete. In All Markup view, you can right-click the comment and click
Delete Comment. Click the arrow on the Delete button in the Comments group and then
click Delete All Comments in Document if you’re ready to remove all changes.
Tracking changes by various editors
Unlike comments, tracked changes can be displayed inline. You also have a variety of
options regarding which aspects of tracked changes to display.
Track Changes Options
To see the main set of tracking options, click the dialog box launcher in the Tracking group
of the Review tab. In the initial Track Changes Options dialog box that appears (see the left
side of Figure 11.18) you can change some overall options such as what to show or hide. If you
click Advanced Options, more detailed choices appear in the Advanced Track Changes Options
FIGURE 11.18
Use Track Changes Options to change how/if changes are tracked and displayed.
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