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Tracking changes by various editors
dialog box shown at the right in Figure 11.18. Make the desired changes, and then click OK to
close each dialog box. Options in the Advanced Track Changes Options dialog box include:
Markup: These options control the formatting and colors to use when
displaying insertions, deletions, and comments, as well as how to display lines
indicating where changes have been made. Default formatting is to use underlining
for insertions and strikethrough for deletions. If Color is set to By author, Word
automatically chooses different colors for different authors. Note, however, that
whereas your comments might display as green on your computer, they might
display as magenta on somebody else’s. Therefore, if you’re describing a change in
a phone conversation, don’t assume the other party is seeing exactly what you’re
Track moves: These options control the formatting and colors to use when
displaying text that was moved from one location to another in the document. If you don’t
want to track moves, remove the check next to Track Moves.
Track formatting: These options control how formatting changes are
represented. If you don’t want to track formatting changes, remove the check next to
Track formatting. Note that this doesn’t affect the display of tracked formatting.
It controls whether formatting is tracked at all. When you turn this off, existing
tracked formatting changes remain in the document, but subsequent formatting
changes are not tracked at all. To hide tracked formatting changes, choose Show
Markup in the Tracking group of the Review tab and remove the check next to
Turning on Track Changes
To enable tracked changes, click the Track Changes button in the Tracking group of the
Review tab. Notice that the upper and lower portions of that button are separate. Use
the upper portion to toggle tracked changes, and use the lower portion to choose Track
Changes or Lock Tracking. Lock Tracking enables you to add a password to prevent other
users from turning off change tracking.
Alternatively, if Track Changes is displayed in the status bar, you can click it to toggle
tracking on and off. If Track Changes is not displayed, right-click the status bar and click
to place a check next to Track Changes. Then click outside the menu to close it. Once it’s
on the status bar, click Track Changes to turn tracking on or off. Track Changes can also be
toggled using Ctrl+Shift+E.
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