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Show Markup
Show Markup
If your comments don’t display, it’s possible that they are turned off. In the Review tab,
click the drop-down arrow next to Show Markup in the Tracking group to display the
options shown in Figure 11.19.
FIGURE 11.19
Click Show Markup in the Review tab to control the kinds of markup that Word displays.
Show Markup options affect only the display of markup. They do not affect whether
changes are tracked. Display options are as follows:
Comments: Choose to display or not display comments.
Ink: When using a tablet, touch-enabled, or other system that supports pen
annotations, use this option to choose whether to display the original ink markup (in
addition to the text conversion thereof).
Insertions and Deletions: Use this setting to control the display of textual edits
(insertions and deletions). Some users prefer to deal separately with textual and
formatting edits. With this option enabled and Formatting display turned off, you
can selectively focus.
Formatting: Use this setting to hide or show formatting changes.
Balloons: Use this setting to control the use of balloons for revisions and comments
as described earlier.
Specifi c People: Use this setting to selectively show or hide specifi c reviewers’
edits and comments.
Highlight Updates: When you are co-authoring a document on a SharePoint server
or Offi ce365, this option highlights updates by the other author(s).
Other Authors: When you are co-authoring, this option lists other authors
currently working on the same document.
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