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Display for Review
You can click one of the vertical bars (lines) in the left margin of Simple Markup view to display or hide tracked
changes and comments.
Display for Review
Use the Display for Review menu in the Tracking group of the Review tab to determine
exactly what displays when a document contains tracked changes. As noted earlier, you
use this drop-down to change between All Markup and Simple Markup views, which were
discussed in the “Viewing comments and tracked changes” section earlier. Its other two
options are:
No Markup: All markup is hidden, and you see the document as it would appear if
all changes were accepted. This view is useful when a document has been heavily
edited. You can read a “clean” copy of the new version without the change tracking
markup slowing you down.
Original: All markup is hidden, and you see the document as it appeared before
any markup occurred. This is how the document would appear if all changes were
It’s often hard to gauge the effects of changes. It can be helpful to switch between Final and Original so you can
properly assess the full impact of changes, especially when comparing paragraphs that have undergone substantial
Accepting and Rejecting Changes
Use the Changes group of the Review tab, shown in Figure 11.20, to review changes to
determine whether you want to accept or reject them. Use Next or Previous to navigate to
the nearest comment or change. Use Accept and Reject to integrate or remove changes. You
can also right-click a change and choose Accept or Reject.
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