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Combining Collaborative Documents
Here is a brief overview of what happens when you choose Accept or Reject:
When you accept an insertion, it is converted from a tracked change into regular
When you reject an insertion, it is deleted.
When you accept a deletion, it is removed entirely from the document.
When you reject a deletion, the original text is restored.
When you accept formatting changes, they are applied to the fi nail version of the
When you reject formatting changes, the formatting is removed.
Note that the Accept and Reject buttons in the Changes group of the Review tab both have
upper and lower sections. The lower section of the Accept button features the options
shown in Figure 11.20. Reject has similar options. Note that the third option, Accept All
Changes Shown, is available only if one or more kinds of changes are hidden in the Show
Markup tool.
FIGURE 11.20
Accept All Changes Shown is available only when some changes are hidden.
You cannot accept or reject a comment per se. Accepting a comment leaves it alone. Rejecting a comment deletes it.
Combining Collaborative Documents
Word can compare and combine different versions of the same document. If the document
was revised without tracking turned on, you learn how to compare the two different
versions. If a document was revised by multiple people, whether or not Track Changes was
turned on, you learn how to combine all of the different edits into a single (hopefully
manageable) document.
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