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Comparing Documents
FIGURE 11.21
By default, the result of the comparison is placed into a new document.
The Insertions and deletions item is always grayed out and always checked. This is by design. When you use Compare
or Combine, insertions and deletions will always be compared. Microsoft left this in because it might not be obvious.
Hence, it displays as always checked, and it cannot be changed.
As noted, by default, Compare puts the changes into a new document. However, if it suits
your purposes better, you can route the changes into the document designated as either
the Original document or the Revised document under Show changes in at lower right.
Note that if you’ve now changed your mind about which is which, you can click the Swap
Documents tool.
When you’re ready to make the comparison, click OK. If either of the two documents being
compared contains tracked changes, for purposes of the comparison, Word displays a
message telling you that it assumes that the changes are accepted. Click Yes to continue the
Word arranges the Compared Document (the Show changes in document), the Original,
and the Revised into a document window, along with the Revisions pane, as shown in
Figure 11.22. If you chose the Save to a new document option, note that the tentative fi le
name is Compare Result #.
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