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Comparing Documents
FIGURE 11.22
Word shows you exactly what editing has taken place.
In this view, notice that the three document windows scroll at the same time. The idea is
to show the original, revised, and resulting edits at the same time. Depending on screen
size as well as how large the Word window is, this can be diffi cult. However, Word makes a
valiant effort.
Use the Review tab tools, as described earlier in this chapter, to set the view as needed,
and to move to the Next or Previous changes, accepting or rejecting changes as you see fi t.
When you’re done, if you want to save the compared result, choose File
Save As (or Save,
but read this section’s Warning fi rst), and save as usual.
Before you click Save, keep in mind that if you chose Original or Revised as the document in which to show changes,
saving now will replace the corresponding document with the compared version. Once done, there’s no going back.
If you think you’fill have a need for all three versions of the document, choose Save As, and give the compare results
version a new name.
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