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You cannot compare two documents if either of them is protected for tracked changes.
When you try, Word will advise you that it can’t “merge” the documents due to document
protection. In fact, any kind of document protection will produce the objection shown in
Figure 11.23. If you see this message, unprotect the documents you are trying to compare
and try again, assuming you have the necessary permissions to unprotect the documents.
FIGURE 11.23
You can’t compare two documents if either of them has protection enabled.
Gaining more screen real estate
If you fi nd that the default view offered by the Compare feature doesn’t give you enough
room to maneuver, you can selectively display (or not) the Original and Revised
documents. In the Compare group in the Review tab, click Compare, and then click Show Source
Documents. You can click Hide Source Documents to close those windows. You can also
close the Original and Revised documents by clicking the Xs. If you change your mind,
click Compare Show Source Documents and click Show Both to redisplay the source
Combining Documents That Contain Tracked
When you have multiple documents containing tracked changes and you need to keep track
of who changed what (and when), use the Combine command to merge the tracked changes
two at a time until all of the different reviewers’ changes have been incorporated into one
document. As with the Compare command, documents are combined two at a time. If
any document in the paired combinations is protected, you cannot continue. Before you
invest a lot of time doing comparisons, make sure that you can use the documents you’re
planning to compare.
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