Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 12: Using Excel Worksheets and Workbooks
Using Excel Worksheets
and Workbooks
Understanding what Excel is used for
Looking at what’s new in Excel 2013
Learning the parts of an Excel window
Navigating Excel worksheets
Introducing Excel’s Ribbon
Trying out Excel with a step-by-step hands-on session
This chapter is an introductory overview of Excel 2013. If you’re already familiar with a previous
version of Excel, reading (or at least skimming) this chapter is still a good idea.
Identifying What Excel Is Good For
Excel, as you probably know, is the world’s most widely used spreadsheet software and part of the
Microsoft Offi ce suite. Other spreadsheet software is available, but Excel is by far the most popular
and has been the world standard for many years.
Much of the appeal of Excel is due to the fact that it’s so versatile. Excel’s forte, of course, is
performing numerical calculations, but Excel is also very useful for non-numeric applications. Here are
just a few of the uses for Excel:
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