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Seeing What’s New in Excel 2013
Number crunching: Create budgets, tabulate expenses, analyze survey results, and
perform just about any type of fi nancial analysis you can think of.
Creating charts: Create a wide variety of highly customizable charts.
Organizing lists: Use the row-and-column layout to store lists effi ciently.
Text manipulation: Clean up and standardize text-based data.
Accessing other data: Import data from a wide variety of sources.
Creating graphical dashboards: Summarize a large amount of business
information in a concise format.
Creating graphics and diagrams: Use Shapes and SmartArt to create
professionallooking diagrams.
Automating complex tasks: Perform a tedious task with a single mouse click with
Excel’s macro capabilities.
Seeing What’s New in Excel 2013
When a new version of Microsoft Offi ce is released, sometimes Excel gets lots of new
features and other times it gets very few new features. In the case of Offi ce 2013, Excel got
quite a few new features.
Here’s a quick summary of what’s new in Excel 2013, relative to Excel 2010:
Cloud storage: Excel is tightly integrated with Microsoft’s SkyDrive web-based
Support for other devices: Excel is available for other devices, including
touchsensitive devices such as Windows RT tablets and Windows phones.
New aesthetics: Excel has a new “fl at” look and displays an (optional) graphic in
the title bar. The default color scheme is white, but you can choose from two other
color schemes (light gray and dark gray) in the General tab of the Excel Options
dialog box.
Single document interface: Excel no longer supports the option to display multiple
workbooks in a single window. Each workbook has its own top-level Excel window
and Ribbon.
New types of assistance: Excel provides recommended PivotTables and
recommended charts.
Flash Fill: Flash Fill is a new way to extract (by example) relevant data from text
strings. You can also use this feature to combine data in multiple columns.
Support for Apps for Offi ce: You can download or purchase apps that can be
embedded in a workbook fi le.
The Data Model: Create PivotTables from multiple data tables, combined in a
relational manner.
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