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Understanding Workbooks and Worksheets
New Slicer option: The Slicer feature, introduced in Excel 2010 for use with
PivotTables, has been expanded and now works with tables.
Timeline fi ltering: Similar to the Slicer, the Timeline makes it easy to fi filter data
by dates.
Quick Analysis: Quick Analysis provides single click access to various data analysis
Enhanced chart formatting: Modifying charts is signifi cantly easier.
New worksheet functions: Excel 2013 supports dozens of new worksheet
Backstage: The Backstage screen has been reorganized and is easier to use.
New add-ins: Three new add-ins are included (for Offi ce Professional Plus only):
PowerPivot, Power View, and Inquire.
Understanding Workbooks and Worksheets
The work you do in Excel is performed in a workbook fi le. You can have as many workbooks
open as you need, and each one appears in its own window. By default, Excel workbooks use
an .xlsx fi le extension.
In previous versions of Excel, users could work with multiple workbooks in a single window. That is no longer an
option in Excel 2013. Every workbook that you open has its own window.
Each workbook contains one or more worksheets , and each worksheet is made up of
individual cells. Each cell can contain a value, a formula, or text. A worksheet also has an
invisible draw layer, which holds charts, images, and diagrams. Each worksheet in a
workbook is accessible by clicking the tab at the bottom of the workbook window. In addition, a
workbook can store chart sheets; a chart sheet displays a single chart and is also accessible
by clicking a tab.
Newcomers to Excel are often intimidated by all the different elements that appear within
Excel’s window. After you become familiar with the various parts, it all starts to make
sense, and you’fill feel right at home.
Figure 12.1 shows you the more important bits and pieces of Excel. As you look at the fi
gure, refer to Table 12.1 for a brief explanation of the items shown in the fi gure.
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