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Understanding Workbooks and Worksheets
Name box
This box displays the active cell address or the name of the
selected cell, range, or object.
New sheet button
Add a new worksheet by clicking the New sheet button (which is
displayed after the last sheet tab).
Page View buttons
Click these buttons to change the way the worksheet is displayed.
Quick Access Toolbar
This customizable toolbar holds commonly used commands. The
Quick Access Toolbar is always visible, regardless of which tab is
This is the main location for Excel commands. Clicking an item in
the tab list changes the Ribbon that is displayed.
Ribbon Display Options
A drop-down control that offers three options related to displaying
the Ribbon.
Row numbers
Numbers range from 1 to 1,048,576 — one for each row in the
worksheet. You can click a row number to select an entire row of
Sheet tabs
Each of these notebook-like tabs represents a different sheet in
the workbook. A workbook can have any number of sheets, and
each sheet has its name displayed in a sheet tab.
Sheet tab scroll buttons
Use these buttons to scroll the sheet tabs to display tabs that
aren’t visible. You can also right-click to get a list of sheets.
Status bar
This bar displays various messages, as well as the status of the
Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock keys on your keyboard. It
also shows summary information about the range of cells selected.
Right-click the status bar to change the information displayed.
Click these tabs to display different Ribbon commands, similar to a
Title bar
This displays the name of the program and the name of the current
workbook. It also by default holds the Quick Access Toolbar (on
the left) and some control buttons that you can use to modify the
window (on the right).
Vertical scroll bar
Use this to scroll the sheet vertically.
Window Close button
Click this button to close the active workbook window.
Window Maximize/
Restore button
Click this button to increase the workbook window’s size to fi fill the
entire screen. If the window is already maximized, clicking this
button returns Excel’s window to its prior size so that it no longer fi fills
the entire screen.
Window Minimize
Click this button to minimize the workbook window. The window
displays as an icon in the Windows taskbar.
Zoom control
Use this to zoom your worksheet in and out.
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