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Contextual tabs
The appearance of the commands on the Ribbon varies, depending on the width of the
Excel window. When the Excel window is too narrow to display everything, the commands
adapt; some of them might seem to be missing, but the commands are still available.
Figure 12.3 shows the Home tab of the Ribbon with all controls fully visible. When you
make the Excel window narrower or reduce your screen resolution, some groups display as a
single button; however, if you click the button, all the group commands are available to you.
The Home tab of the Ribbon in Excel.
Contextual tabs
In addition to the standard tabs, Excel also includes contextual tabs. Whenever an object
(such as a chart, a table, or a SmartArt diagram) is selected, specifi c tools for working with
that object are made available in the Ribbon.
Figure 12.4 shows the contextual tabs that appear when a chart is selected. In this case, it
has two contextual tabs: Chart Tools
Format. When contextual
tabs appear, you can, of course, continue to use all the other tabs.
Design and Chart Tools
When you select an object, contextual tabs contain tools for working with that object.
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