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Summing the values
Your worksheet should look like Figure 12.7.
Your worksheet, after converting the range to a table
If you don’t like the default table style, just select another one from the Table
Tools Design Table Styles group. Notice that you can get a preview of different table
styles by moving your mouse over the Ribbon. When you fi nd one you like, click it, and the
style will be applied to your table.
Summing the values
The worksheet displays the monthly projected sales, but what about the total projected
sales for the year? Because this range is a table, it’s simple:
1. Activate any cell in the table.
2. Choose Table Tools Design Table Style Options Total Row. Excel
automatically adds a new row to the bottom of your table, including a formula that
calculates the total of the Projected Sales column.
3. If you’d prefer to see a different summary formula (for example, average), click
cell B14 and choose a different summary formula from the drop-down list.
Creating a chart
How about a chart that shows the projected sales for each month?
1. Activate any cell in the table.
2. Choose Insert
Recommended Charts. Excel displays some suggested
chart type options.
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