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Printing your worksheet
3. In the Insert Chart dialog box, click the second recommended chart (a column
chart), and click OK. Excel inserts the chart in the center of the window. To move
the chart to another location, click its border and drag it.
4. Click the chart and choose a style using the Chart Tools Design Chart Styles
Figure 12.8 shows the worksheet with a column chart. Your chart may look different,
depending on the chart style you selected.
The table and chart
Printing your worksheet
Printing your worksheet is very easy (assuming that you have a printer attached and that
it works properly).
1. Make sure that the chart isn’t selected. If a chart is selected, the chart will print
on a page by itself. To deselect the chart, just press Esc or click any cell.
2. To make use of Excel’s handy Page Layout view, click the Page Layout button on
the right side of the status bar. Excel displays the worksheet page-by-page so that
you can easily see how your printed output will look. Figure 12.9 shows the worksheet
zoomed out to show a complete page. In Page Layout view, you can tell immediately
whether the chart is too wide to fi t on one page. If the chart is too wide, drag a corner
of the chart to resize it or just move the chart below the table of numbers.
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