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Understanding formulas
points and currency symbols when entering values, along with plus signs, minus signs, and
commas (to separate thousands). If you precede a value with a minus sign or enclose it in
parentheses, Excel considers it to be a negative number.
Entering text into a cell is just as easy as entering a value: Activate the cell, type the text,
and then press Enter or a navigation key. A cell can contain a maximum of about 32,000
characters — more than enough to hold a typical chapter in this topic. Even though a cell
can hold a huge number of characters, you’fill fi nd that it’s not possible to actually display
all these characters.
If you type an exceptionally long text entry into a cell, the Formula bar may not show all the text. To display more of
the text in the Formula bar, click the bottom of the Formula bar and drag down to increase the height (see Figure
13.2). Also useful is the Ctrl+Shift+U keyboard shortcut. Pressing this key combination toggles the height of the
formula bar to show either one row, or the previous size.
The Formula bar, expanded in height to show more information in the cell
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