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Replacing the contents of a cell
Clear All: Clears everything from the cell — its contents, its formatting, and its
cell comment (if it has one)
Clear Formats: Clears only the formatting and leaves the value, text, or formula
Clear Contents: Clears only the cell’s contents and leaves the formatting
Clear Comments: Clears the comment (if one exists) attached to the cell
Clear Hyperlinks: Removes hyperlinks contained in the selected cells. The text
remains, but the cell no longer functions as a clickable hyperlink.
Clearing formats doesn’t clear the background colors in a range that has been designated as a table unless you’ve
replaced the table style background colors manually.
Replacing the contents of a cell
To replace the contents of a cell with something else, just activate the cell and type
your new entry, which replaces the previous contents. Any formatting applied to the cell
remains in place and is applied to the new content.
You can also replace cell contents by dragging and dropping or by pasting data from the
Clipboard. In both cases, the cell formatting will be replaced by the format of the new data.
To avoid pasting formatting, choose Home Clipboard Paste Values (V), or Home
Formulas (F).
Editing the contents of a cell
If the cell contains only a few characters, replacing its contents by typing new data usually
is easiest. However, if the cell contains lengthy text or a complex formula and you need
to make only a slight modifi cation, you probably want to edit the cell rather than re-enter
When you want to edit the contents of a cell, you can use one of the following ways to
enter cell-edit mode:
Double-click the cell to edit the cell contents directly in the cell.
Select the cell and press F2 to edit the cell contents directly in the cell.
Select the cell that you want to edit and then click inside the Formula bar to
edit the cell contents in the Formula bar.
You can use whichever method you prefer. Some people fi nd editing directly in the cell
easier; others prefer to use the Formula bar to edit a cell.
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