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Replacing the contents of a cell
The Advanced tab of the Excel Options dialog box contains a section called Editing options. These settings affect
how editing works. (To access this dialog box, choose File ➪ Options.) If the Allow editing directly in cells option isn’t
enabled, you can’t edit a cell by double-clicking. In addition, pressing F2 allows you to edit the cell in the Formula
bar (not directly in the cell).
All these methods cause Excel to go into edit mode. (The word Edit appears at the left side
of the status bar at the bottom of the screen.) When Excel is in edit mode, the Formula
bar enables two icons: Cancel (the X) and Enter (the check mark). Figure 13.3 shows these
two icons. Clicking the Cancel icon cancels editing without changing the cell’s contents.
(Pressing Esc has the same effect.) Clicking the Enter icon completes the editing and enters
the modifi ed contents into the cell. (Pressing Enter has the same effect.)
While editing a cell, the Formula bar enables two new icons: Cancel (X) and Enter (check mark).
When you begin editing a cell, the insertion point appears as a vertical bar, and you can
perform the following tasks:
Add new characters at the location of the insertion point. Move the insertion
point by:
Using the navigation keys to move within the cell
Pressing Home to move the insertion point to the beginning of the cell
Pressing End to move the insertion point to the end of the cell
Select multiple characters. Press Shift while you use the navigation keys.
Select characters while you’re editing a cell. Use the mouse. Just click and drag
the mouse pointer over the characters that you want to select.
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