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Learning some handy data-entry techniques
Using Auto Fill to enter a series of values
The Excel Auto Fill feature makes inserting a series of values or text items in a range of
cells easy. It uses the Auto Fill handle (the small box at the lower right of the active cell).
You can drag the Auto Fill handle to copy the cell or automatically complete a series.
Figure 13.5 shows an example. I entered into cell A1 and into cell A2. Then I selected 3
both cells and dragged down the fi fill handle to create a linear series of odd numbers. The
fi gure also shows an icon that, when clicked, displays some additional Auto Fill options.
This series was created by using Auto Fill.
If you drag the Auto Fill handle while you press and hold the right mouse button, Excel displays a shortcut menu with
additional i fill options.
Using AutoComplete to automate data entry
The Excel AutoComplete feature makes entering the same text into multiple cells easy. With
AutoComplete, you type the fi rst few letters of a text entry into a cell, and Excel
automatically completes the entry based on other entries that you already made in the column.
Besides reducing typing, this feature also ensures that your entries are spelled correctly
and are consistent.
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