Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Previewing New Features
New “fl youts” offer contextual formatting choices or toggles.
Offi ce 2013 introduces new views in some applications, such as the new Read Mode in
Word. This mode hides the Ribbon and other screen tools, so that you can see more of the
document in the current view and fl ip through pages in a natural way. In Word’s Read Mode
and PowerPoint’s Slide Show view, you can now zoom in on objects or parts of the slide.
Both PowerPoint and Word now include a Resume Reading feature; when you reopen a
document, you can go to the last slide or page you were working on by clicking the pop-up
that appears.
The Offi ce applications now help you work smoothly in the cloud. You can save directly to
your online SkyDrive folder, or when you have SkyDrive for Windows also installed, you can
save to a local SkyDrive folder that automatically syncs with your SkyDrive storage online
in the cloud. This means you can sync fi les between devices. In addition, because you now
sign into the Offi ce applications with a user account, Offi ce also can sync your settings
across devices. Plus, you can install Apps for Offi ce to add cloud-based capabilities and
services within some Offi ce applications, such as adding dictionaries to provide defi nitions
in Word.
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