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Working with Excel windows
Use the Arrange Windows dialog box to quickly arrange all open nonminimized workbook
Switching among windows
At any given time, one (and only one) workbook window is the active window. The active
window accepts your input and is the window on which your commands work. The
active window appears at the top of the stack of windows. To work in a workbook in a
different window, you need to make that window active. You can make a different window
the active window in several ways:
Click another window, if it’s visible. The window you click moves to the top and
becomes the active window. This method isn’t possible if the current window is
Press Ctrl+F6 to cycle through all open windows until the window that you
want to work with appears on top as the active window. Pressing Shift+Ctrl+F6
cycles through the windows in the opposite direction.
Choose View Window Switch Windows and select the window that you want
from the drop-down list (the active window has a check mark next to it). This
menu can display as many as nine windows. If you have more than nine workbook
windows open, choose More Windows (which appears below the nine window names).
Click the Excel icon in the Windows taskbar. You can then choose the window by
clicking its thumbnail or clicking it in the pop-up list.
Most people prefer to do most of their work with maximized workbook windows, which
enables you to see more cells and eliminates the distraction of other workbook windows
getting in the way. At times, however, viewing multiple windows is preferred. For example,
displaying two windows is more effi cient if you need to compare information in two
workbooks or if you need to copy data from one workbook to another.
You also can display a single workbook in more than one window. For example, if you have a workbook with two worksheets,
you may want to display each worksheet in a separate window to compare the two sheets. All the window manipulation
procedures described previously still apply. Choose View ➪ Window ➪ New Window to open an additional window for the
active workbook.
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