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Changing the name of a worksheet
You can delete multiple sheets with a single command by selecting the sheets that you want to delete. To select
multiple sheets, press Ctrl while you click the sheet tabs that you want to delete. To select a group of contiguous sheets,
click the i rst sheet tab, press Shift, and then click the last sheet tab (Excel displays the selected sheet names bold
and underlined). Then use either method to delete the selected sheets.
When you delete a worksheet, it’s gone for good. Deleting a worksheet is one of the few operations in Excel that can’t
be undone.
Changing the name of a worksheet
The default names that Excel uses for worksheets — Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on — are
generic and nondescriptive. To make it easier to locate data in a multisheet workbook,
you’fill want to make the sheet names more descriptive.
To change a sheet’s name, double-click the sheet tab. Excel highlights the name on the
sheet tab so that you can edit the name or replace it with a new name.
Sheet names can contain as many as 31 characters, and spaces are allowed. However, you
can’t use the following characters in sheet names:
: colon
/ slash
\ backslash
[ ] square brackets
question mark
Keep in mind that a longer worksheet name results in a wider tab, which takes up more
space on-screen. Therefore, if you use lengthy sheet names, you won’t be able to see as
many sheet tabs without scrolling the tab list.
Changing a sheet tab color
Excel allows you to change the background color of your worksheet tabs. For example, you may
prefer to color-code the sheet tabs to make identifying the worksheet’s contents easier.
To change the color of a sheet tab, right-click the tab and choose Tab Color from the
shortcut menu. Then select the color from the color gallery or palette. You can’t change the text
color, but Excel will choose a contrasting color to make the text visible. For example, if you
make a sheet tab black, Excel will display white text.
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