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Hiding and unhiding a worksheet
You probably want to rename the copied sheet to give it a more meaningful name (see
“Changing the name of a worksheet,” earlier in this chapter).
When you move or copy a worksheet to a different workbook, any dei ned names and custom formats also get copied
to the new workbook.
Hiding and unhiding a worksheet
In some situations, you may want to hide one or more worksheets. Hiding a sheet may be
useful if you don’t want others to see it or if you just want to get it out of the way. When a
sheet is hidden, its sheet tab is also hidden. You can’t hide all the sheets in a workbook; at
least one sheet must remain visible.
To hide a worksheet, right-click its sheet tab and choose Hide Sheet. The active worksheet
(or selected worksheets) will be hidden from view.
To unhide a hidden worksheet, right-click any sheet tab and choose Unhide Sheet. Excel
opens the Unhide dialog box, which lists all hidden sheets. Choose the sheet that you want
to redisplay, and click OK. For reasons known only to a Microsoft programmer who is
probably retired by now, you can’t select multiple sheets from this dialog box, so you need to
repeat the command for each sheet that you want to unhide. When you unhide a sheet, it
appears in its previous position among the sheet tabs.
Preventing Sheet Actions
To prevent others from unhiding hidden sheets, inserting new sheets, renaming sheets, copying sheets,
or deleting sheets, protect the workbook’s structure:
1. Choose Review
Protect Workbook.
2. In the Protect Workbook dialog box, select the Structure option.
3. Provide a password (optional).
4. Click OK.
After performing these steps, several commands will no longer be available when you right-click
a sheet tab: Insert, Delete Sheet, Rename Sheet, Move or Copy Sheet, Tab Color, Hide Sheet, and
Unhide Sheet. Be aware, however, that this is a very weak security measure. Cracking this particular
protection feature is relatively easy.
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