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Controlling the Worksheet View
Controlling the Worksheet View
As you add more information to a worksheet, you may fi nd that navigating and locating
what you want gets more diffi cult. Excel includes a few options that enable you to view
your sheet, and sometimes multiple sheets, more effi ciently. This section discusses a few
additional worksheet options at your disposal.
Zooming in or out for a better view
Normally, everything you see on-screen is displayed at 100%. You can change the zoom
percentage from 10% (very tiny) to 400% (huge). Using a small zoom percentage can help
you to get a bird’s-eye view of your worksheet to see how it’s laid out. Zooming in is useful
if you have trouble deciphering tiny type. Zooming doesn’t change the font size specifi ed
for the cells, so it has no effect on printed output.
Excel contains separate options for changing the size of your printed output. (Use the controls in the Page
Scale to Fit group.)
Figure 14.5 shows a window zoomed to 10% and a window zoomed to 400%.
You can zoom in or out for a different view of your worksheets.
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