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Viewing a worksheet in multiple windows
Use multiple windows to view different sections of a workbook at the same time.
If the workbook is maximized when you create a new window, you may not even notice that Excel created the new
window. If you look at the Excel title bar, though, you’fill see that the workbook title now has :2 appended to the name.
Choose View ➪ Window ➪ Arrange All, and then choose one of the Arrange options in the Arrange Windows dialog box
to display the open windows. If you select the Windows of active workbook check box, only the windows of the active
workbook are arranged.
A single workbook can have as many views (that is, separate windows) as you want. Each
window is independent. In other words, scrolling to a new location in one window doesn’t
cause scrolling in the other window(s). However, if you make changes to the worksheet
shown in a particular window, those changes are also made in all views of that worksheet.
You can close these additional windows when you no longer need them. For example,
clicking the Close button on the active window’s title bar closes the active window but doesn’t
close the other windows for the workbook.
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