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Keeping the titles in view by freezing panes
Figure 14.8 shows a worksheet with frozen panes. In this case, rows 1:4 and column A are
frozen in place. This technique allows you to scroll down and to the right to locate some
information while keeping the column titles and the column A entries visible.
Freeze certain columns and rows to make them remain visible while you scroll the worksheet.
Most of the time, you’fill want to freeze either the fi rst row or the fi rst column. The
View Window Freeze Panes drop-down list has two additional options: Freeze Top Row
and Freeze First Column. Using these commands eliminates the need to position the cell
pointer before freezing panes.
If you designated a range to be a table (by choosing Insert
Table), you may not even need to freeze panes.
When you scroll down, Excel displays the table column headings in place of the column letters. Figure 14.9 shows an
example. The table headings replace the column letters only when a cell within the table is selected.
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