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Working with Rows and Columns
Double-click a cell in the Watch Window to immediately select that cell.
Working with Rows and Columns
This section discusses worksheet operations that involve complete rows and columns
(rather than individual cells). Every worksheet has exactly 1,048,576 rows and 16,384
columns, and these values can’t be changed.
If you open a workbook that was created in a version of Excel prior to Excel 2007 or saved in a pre-2007 format, the
workbook is opened in Compatibility Mode. These workbooks have 65,536 rows and 256 columns. If you would like to
increase the number of rows and columns, save the workbook as an Excel .xlsx or .xlsm i le and then reopen it.
Inserting rows and columns
Although the number of rows and columns in a worksheet is fi xed, you can still insert and
delete rows and columns if you need to make room for additional information. These
operations don’t change the number of rows or columns. Instead, inserting a new row moves
down the other rows to accommodate the new row. The last row is simply removed from the
worksheet if it’s empty. Inserting a new column shifts the columns to the right, and the
last column is removed if it’s empty.
If the last row isn’t empty, you can’t insert a new row. Similarly, if the last column contains information, Excel doesn’t
let you insert a new column. Attempting to add a row or column in such cases displays a warning dialog box shown.
Click OK and then remove the contents of the non-blank cells to continue.
To insert a new row or rows, use either of these methods:
Select an entire row or multiple rows by clicking the row numbers in the
worksheet border. Right-click and choose Insert from the shortcut menu.
Move the cell pointer to the row that you want to insert, and then choose
Insert Sheet Rows. If you select multiple cells in the
column, Excel inserts additional rows that correspond to the number of cells selected
in the column and moves the rows below the insertion down.
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