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Hiding rows and columns
If hash symbols (#) i fill a cell that contains a numerical value, the column isn’t wide enough to accommodate the
information in the cell. Widen the column to solve the problem.
Before you change the column width, you can select multiple columns so that the width
will be the same for all selected columns. To select multiple columns, either drag over the
column letter in the column header or Ctrl+click to select individual columns. To select all
columns, click the button where the row and column headers intersect. You can change
columns widths by using any of the following techniques:
Drag the right column border with the mouse until the column is the desired width.
Choose Home Cells Format Column Width and enter a value in the Column
Width dialog box.
Choose Home Cells Format AutoFit Column Width to adjust the width of the
selected column so that the widest entry in the column fi ts. Instead of selecting an
entire column, you can just select cells in the column, and the column is adjusted
based on the widest entry in your selection.
Double-click the right border of a column header to set the column width
automatically to the widest entry in the column.
To change the default width of all columns, choose Home ➪ Cells ➪ Format ➪ Default Width. This command displays a
dialog box into which you enter the new default column width. All columns that haven’t been previously adjusted take
on the new column width.
After you manually adjust a column’s width, Excel will no longer automatically adjust the column to accommodate
longer numerical entries. If you enter a long number that displays as hash symbols (#), you need to change the
column width manually.
Changing row heights
Row height is measured in points (pt; a standard unit of measurement in the printing trade
— 72 pt is equal to 1 inch). The default row height using the default font is 15 pt, or 20 px.
The default row height can vary, depending on the font defi ned in the Normal style. In
addition, Excel automatically adjusts row heights to accommodate the tallest font in the
row. So, if you change the font size of a cell to 20 pt, for example, Excel makes the row
taller so that the entire text is visible.
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