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Selecting multisheet ranges
Enter the range (or cell) address in the Name box and press Enter. Separate each
range address with a comma.
Go To (or press F5) to display the Go
To dialog box. Enter the range (or cell) address in the Reference box, and separate
each range address with a comma. Click OK, and Excel selects the ranges.
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Noncontiguous ranges differ from contiguous ranges in several important ways. One obvious difference is that you
can’t use drag-and-drop methods (described later) to move or copy noncontiguous ranges.
Selecting multisheet ranges
In addition to two-dimensional ranges on a single worksheet, ranges can extend across
multiple worksheets to be three-dimensional ranges.
Suppose that you have a workbook set up to track budgets. A common approach is to use a
separate worksheet for each department, making it easy to organize the data. You can click
a sheet tab to view the information for a particular department.
Say you have a workbook with four sheets: Totals, Operations, Marketing, and
Manufacturing. The sheets are laid out identically. The only difference is the values. The
Totals sheet contains formulas that compute the sum of the corresponding items in the
three departmental worksheets.
Assume that you want to apply formatting to the sheets — for example, make the column
headings bold with background shading. One (albeit not-so-effi cient) approach is to format
the cells in each worksheet separately. A better technique is to select a multisheet range
and format the cells in all the sheets simultaneously. The following is a step-by-step
example of multisheet formatting, using the workbook shown in Figure 14.14.
1. Activate the Totals worksheet by clicking its tab.
2. Select the range B3:F3.
3. Press Shift and click the Manufacturing sheet tab. This step selects all
worksheets between the active worksheet (Totals) and the sheet tab that you
click — in essence, a three-dimensional range of cells (see Figure 14.14). The
workbook window’s title bar displays [Group] to remind you that you’ve selected a
group of sheets and that you’re in Group mode.
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