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Selecting special types of cells
To select all sheets in a workbook, right-click any sheet tab and choose Select All Sheets from the shortcut menu.
Selecting special types of cells
As you use Excel, you may need to locate specifi c types of cells in your worksheets. For
example, wouldn’t it be handy to be able to locate every cell that contains a formula —
or perhaps all the formula cells that depend on the active cell? Excel provides an easy
way to locate these and many other special types of cells: Select a range, and choose
Home Editing Find & Select Go to Special to display the Go to Special dialog box,
shown in Figure 14.15.
FIGURE 14.15
Use the Go to Special dialog box to select specifi c types of cells.
After you make your choice in the dialog box, Excel selects the qualifying subset of cells in
the current selection. Often, this subset of cells is a multiple selection. If no cells qualify,
Excel lets you know with the message No cells were found .
If you bring up the Go to Special dialog box with only one cell selected, Excel bases its selection on the entire used
area of the worksheet. Otherwise, the selection is based on the selected range.
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