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Finding Files
A prompt appears to remind you to save fi le changes.
Finding Files
Searching through folders on a computer’s hard drive to try to fi nd the fi le you want to
work with sure can waste valuable time you often don’t have.
You can work in the Open dialog box for any Offi ce program to search for a fi le. Use these
steps when you’re already working in the application used to create the fi le:
1. Click the File tab and then click Open. In Windows 7, the Open dialog box appears,
and you can skip to Step 3.
2. Click Computer under Open, and then click the Browse button in the right
pane. You also could click the listed Current Folder or one of the choices under
Recent Folders if the specifi ed folder is closer to the location you want to search.
3. Use the folder tree in the pane at the left to select the folder that you think
holds the fi le to fi nd.
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