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Selecting cells by searching
When you select an option in the Go to Special dialog box, be sure to note which suboptions become available. The
placement of these suboptions can be misleading. For example, when you select Constants, the suboptions under
Formulas become available to help you further rei ne the results. Likewise, the suboptions under Dependents also
apply to Precedents, and those under Data validation also apply to Conditional Formats.
Selecting cells by searching
Another way to select cells is to choose Home Editing Find & Select Find (or press
Ctrl+F), which allows you to select cells by their contents. Click the Options button to
display additional choices for refi ning the search.
Enter the text that you’re looking for; then click Find All. The dialog box expands to
display all the cells that match your search criteria. For example, Figure 14.16 shows the
dialog box after Excel has located all cells that contain the text Widget. You can click an
item in the list, and the screen will scroll so that you can view the cell in context. To
select all the cells in the list, fi rst select any single item in the list. Then press Ctrl+A
to select them all.
FIGURE 14.16
The Find and Replace dialog box, with its results listed
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