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Copying by using Ribbon commands
Copying by using Ribbon commands
Choosing Home
Copy transfers a copy of the selected cell or range to the
Windows Clipboard and the Offi ce Clipboard. After performing the copy part of this
operation, select the cell that will hold the copy and choose Home
Instead of choosing Home Clipboard Paste, you can just activate the destination cell
and press Enter. If you use this technique, Excel removes the copied information from the
Clipboard so that it can’t be pasted again.
If you click the Copy button more than once before you click the Paste button, Excel may automatically display the
office Clipboard pane. To prevent this pane from appearing, click the Options button at the bottom and then remove
the check mark from Show office Clipboard Automatically.
If you’re copying a range, you don’t need to select an entire same-sized range before you
click the Paste button. You only need to click the upper-left cell in the destination range.
The Home ➪ Clipboard ➪ Paste control contains a drop-down arrow that, when clicked, gives you additional paste
option icons. The paste preview icons are explained later in this chapter (see “Pasting in special ways”).
About the Office Clipboard
As Chapter 3 briefl y introduced, Offi ce has its own Offi ce Clipboard. To view or hide the Offi ce
Clipboard, click the dialog box launcher in the bottom-right corner of the Home
Clipboard group.
Whenever you cut or copy information in an Offi ce program, such as Excel or Word, the program
places the information on both the Windows Clipboard and the Offi ce Clipboard. However, the
program treats information on the Offi ce Clipboard differently from how it treats information on the
Windows Clipboard. Instead of replacing information on the Offi ce Clipboard, the program appends
the information to the Offi ce Clipboard when it’s active. With multiple items stored on the Clipboard,
you can then paste the items either individually or as a group. You can fi nd out more about this feature
in “Using the Offi ce Clipboard to paste,” later in this chapter.
Copying by using shortcut menu commands and keyboard shortcuts
If you prefer, you can use the following shortcut menu commands for copying and pasting:
Right-click the range and choose Copy (or Cut) from the shortcut menu to copy
the selected cells to the Clipboard.
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