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Copying or moving by using drag-and-drop
Using Paste Options Buttons When
Inserting and Pasting
Some cell and range operations — specifi cally inserting, pasting, and fi lling cells by dragging — result
in the display of paste option buttons. For example, if you copy a range and then paste it to a
different location using Home
Paste, a drop-down options list appears at the lower right of
the pasted range. Click the list (or press Ctrl), and you see the options shown in the fi gure here. These
options enable you to specify how the data should be pasted, such as values only or formatting only. In
this case, using the paste option buttons is an alternative to using options in the Paste Special dialog
box. (Read more about Paste Special in the upcoming section, “Using the Paste Special dialog box.”)
Some users fi nd these paste options buttons helpful, and others think that they’re annoying. (Count me
in the latter group.) To disable this feature, choose File
Options and click the Advanced tab. Remove
the check mark from the two options labeled Show Paste Options button when content is pasted and
Show Insert Options Buttons.
Copying or moving by using drag-and-drop
Excel also enables you to copy or move a cell or range by dragging. Unlike other methods of
copying and moving, dragging and dropping does not place any information on either the
Windows Clipboard or the Offi ce Clipboard.
The drag-and-drop method of moving does offer one advantage over the cut-and-paste method: Excel warns you if
a drag-and-drop move operation will overwrite existing cell contents. Oddly, you do not get a warning if a drag-and-
drop copy operation will overwrite existing cell contents.
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