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Copying to adjacent cells
To copy using drag-and-drop, select the cell or range that you want to copy and then press
Ctrl and move the mouse to one of the selection’s borders (the mouse pointer is augmented
with a small plus sign). Then, drag the selection to its new location while you continue to
press the Ctrl key. The original selection remains behind, and Excel makes a new copy when
you release the mouse button.
To move a range using drag-and-drop, don’t press Ctrl while dragging the border.
If the mouse pointer doesn’t turn into an arrow when you point to the border of a cell or range, you need to make a
change to your settings. Choose File ➪ Options to display the Excel Options dialog box, select the Advanced tab, and
place a check mark on the option labeled Enable i fill handle and cell drag-and-drop.
Copying to adjacent cells
Often, you need to copy a cell to an adjacent cell or range. This type of copying is quite
common when working with formulas. For example, if you’re working on a budget, you
might create a formula to add the values in column B. You can use the same formula to add
the values in the other columns. Rather than re-enter the formula, you can copy it to the
adjacent cells.
Excel provides additional options for copying to adjacent cells. To use these commands,
activate the cell that you’re copying and extend the cell selection to include the cells that you’re
copying to. Then issue the appropriate command from the following list for one-step copying:
Home Editing Fill Down (or Ctrl+D) copies the cell to the selected
range below.
Home Editing Fill Right (or Ctrl+R) copies the cell to the selected range to
the right.
Home Editing Fill Up copies the cell to the selected range above.
Left copies the cell to the selected range to the left.
None of these commands places information on either the Windows Clipboard or the Offi ce
You also can use Auto Fill to copy to adjacent cells by dragging the selection’s i l l h a n d l e (the small square in the
bottom-right corner of the selected cell or range). Excel copies the original selection to the cells that you highlight
while dragging. For more control over the Auto Fill operation, drag the i fill handle with the right mouse button, and
you’fill get a shortcut menu with additional options.
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