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Using the Office Clipboard to paste
Copying a range to other sheets
You can use the copy procedures described previously to copy a cell or range to another
worksheet, even if the worksheet is in a different workbook. You must, of course, activate
the other worksheet before you select the location to which you want to copy.
Excel offers a quicker way to copy a cell or range and paste it to other worksheets in the
same workbook.
1. Select the range to copy.
2. Press Ctrl and click the sheet tabs for the worksheets to which you want to
copy the information. Excel displays [Group] in the workbook’s title bar.
3. Choose Home
Across Worksheets. A dialog box appears to ask
you what you want to copy (All, Contents, or Formats).
4. Make your choice and then click OK. Excel copies the selected range to the
selected worksheets; the new copy occupies the same cells in the selected
worksheets as the original occupies in the initial worksheet.
Be careful with the Home ➪ Editing ➪ Fill ➪ Across Worksheets command because Excel doesn’t warn you when the
destination cells contain information. You can quickly overwrite lots of cells with this command and not even realize
it. So, make sure you check your work, and use Undo if the result isn’t what you expected.
Using the office Clipboard to paste
Whenever you cut or copy information in an Offi ce program, such as Excel, you can place
the data on both the Windows Clipboard and the Offi ce Clipboard. When you copy
information to the Offi ce Clipboard, you append the information to the Offi ce Clipboard instead of
replacing what is already there. With multiple items stored on the Offi ce Clipboard, you can
then paste the items either individually or as a group.
To use the Offi ce Clipboard, you fi rst need to open it. Click the dialog box launcher on the
bottom right of the Home Clipboard group to toggle the Clipboard pane on and off.
To make the Clipboard task pane open automatically, click the Options button near the bottom of the task pane and
choose the Show office Clipboard Automatically option.
After you open the Clipboard task pane, select the fi rst cell or range that you want to copy to
the Offi ce Clipboard and copy it by using any of the preceding techniques. Repeat this process,
selecting the next cell or range that you want to copy. As soon as you copy the information, the
Clipboard pane shows you the number of items that you’ve copied and a brief description (it will
hold up to 24 items). Figure 14.18 shows the Offi ce Clipboard with four copied items.
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