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Using the Office Clipboard to paste
FIGURE 14.18
Use the Clipboard pane to copy and paste multiple items.
When you’re ready to paste information, select the cell into which you want to paste
information. To paste an individual item, click it in the Clipboard pane. To paste all the
items that you’ve copied, click the Paste All button (which is at the top of the Clipboard
pane). The items are pasted, one after the other. The Paste All button is probably more
useful in Word, for situations in which you copy text from various sources and then paste
it all at once.
You can clear the contents of the Offi ce Clipboard by clicking the Clear All button.
The following items about the Offi ce Clipboard and how it functions are worth noting:
Excel pastes the contents of the Windows Clipboard (the last item you copied
to the Offi ce Clipboard) when you paste by choosing Home Clipboard Paste,
by pressing Ctrl+V, or by right-clicking and choosing Paste from the shortcut
The last item that you cut or copied appears on both the Offi ce Clipboard and
the Windows Clipboard.
Pasting from the Offi ce Clipboard also places that item on the Windows
Clipboard. If you choose Paste All from the Offi ce Clipboard toolbar, you paste all
items stored on the Offi ce Clipboard onto the Windows Clipboard as a single item.
Clearing the Offi ce Clipboard also clears the Windows Clipboard.
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