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Pasting in special ways
The office Clipboard has a serious problem that makes it virtually worthless for Excel users: If you copy a range that
contains formulas, the formulas are not transferred when you paste to a different range. Only the values are pasted.
Furthermore, Excel doesn’t even warn you about this fact.
Pasting in special ways
You may not always want to copy everything from the source range to the destination
range. For example, you may want to copy only the formula results rather than the
formulas themselves. Or you may want to copy the number formats from one range to another
without overwriting any existing data or formulas.
To control what is copied into the destination range, choose Home Clipboard Paste and
use the drop-down menu shown in Figure 14.19. When you hover your mouse pointer over
an icon, you’fill see a preview of the pasted information in the destination range. Click the
icon to use the selected paste option.
FIGURE 14.19
Excel offers several pasting options, with preview. Here, the information is copied
from D2:E5 and is being pasted beginning at cell D10 using the Transpose option.
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