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Finding Files
If you’re not sure even of what folder holds the i le, choose a higher-level folder or even a disk icon. Doing so will
search more locations, but this means that the search may take more time.
4. Type the name of the fi le to search for in the Search or Search Documents
textbox in the upper-right corner of the dialog box. As you type, the Open
dialog box lists fi les with matching names or contents, as shown in Figure 1.13.
Also notice that for this example, All Files has been selected as the fi le type so you
see more results. Depending on the application you’re using and what type of fi les
it can open, you may want to leave this set to the default for the application or
choose another fi le type.
You can search for a fi le in the Open dialog box for any Offi ce application.
5. Double-click on the name of the fi le to open. The fi le appears in the application.
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